Let their spirits live on.

For a few days now, I have been feeling a sadness and a fear the source of which I couldn't pinpoint. Now I know. 

Mrs Judith Guion was my daughter's grade-school Teacher in the talented and Gifted Program at school. That was almost 12 years ago. She's at hospice care now, and dying of cancer. She is one of my daughter's favorite teacher. Definitely an inspiration for her. And we had so much respect for her. I found out about her condition yesterday.

Now my good friend, Ronna, is dying. Only a matter of days from now. Her husband emailed me just a few minutes ago. Ronna, another grade-school teacher, is one of my earliest pre-natal yoga students who enjoyed my style. She complimented me publicly it was almost embarrassing. She appreciated who I am and what I brought into her life. She boosted my confidence when I was just starting. We loved being together in class. She's tall, and powerful, and authoritative. Visualize "Wonder Woman" standing with feet shoulder width apart with hands on her hips and you have an accurate image of her.

O God of Life,
Why are you taking these good people away?
Mrs Judith Guion, and now Ronna Thomas!
These two touched so many lives
as teachers and as friends.

They spread your gospel of Love, my God.
They were your messengers of Love.
Help me to be like them.
May others be inspired to live like them.
Let their spirits live on.

O God of Eternal Life-
Make their passage and transition to true life
Be as joyful as their way of being.
Let them feel no pain and suffering,
Just your love and comforting presence.
Let them breathe with peace and calm,
Let them greet you smiling and filled with love.
You will call their names tenderly like a lover would, O God.
Hold their hands as they say goodbye to their loved ones.
As they finally come home to you, my Lord and my God.




Roy -

A beautiful prayer for your friends. Because they are such special friends and persons in this life, I know that there will be many prayers paving their pathway to Eternity, but none will be more beautiful nor heartfelt than yours. I can feel your sorrow and will say prayers for you, your friends and for their families.

L said...

I stumbled on your blog after re-reading a year's worth of email correspondence between Judith Guion and me. Judith enjoyed her TAGlets as we cam to refer to them and would deeply appreciate your comments.

Judith and I discovered one another perhaps in the late 90's and emailed on another for years. We compared notes on books (she was a voracious reader) and our personal peccadilloes, and our friendship deepened over the years -- though we never met.

I share your frustration at how life sometimes takes those who are so meaningful to us, but then, there's not a whole lot of choice is there?