For Ronna, Wonder Woman

Here's a body prayer session from my book, based on Psalm 139. This is for you, Ronna.

Stand, feet wide and arms spread, inhale and lift up your heart, and say:
O God, you know when I am happy.

Slowly, as you exhale, sag your body down, drained of life:
You know it when I am in the gutter.

Inhaling, step one foot forward and lift both hands to a lunge:
You know well the choices I make,

Exhale and bring your hands toward your front foot, and say:
And the paths they lead to.

Bring your feet hip width apart, inhale and raise up your arms:
Your thoughts go beyond my reach.

Exhaling, flex your knees and reach down and let your head dangle freely:
Your depth beyond all thoughts.

Coming down to your belly, inhale, lift up your head and chest, and look up:
I open my eyes and there you are.

Push your self up and bring your hips to your heels and your head to the floor:
I look inward and there you are.

Come to a sitting position and raise your arms and give thanks:
Thanks for your wonderful gifts.

Lie down on your back, spread your feet and arms and smile:
Because of you, I am wonder!

Then sitting in a comfortable position, be still and silent with the Divine Presence. Just breathing in what is life-giving, and breathing out what is life-draining. Stay as long as you like. +

You have made a lot of people happy during your lifetime. It's now up to us, those you have touched, to continue what you've started.

Long live Ronna!

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