Job with a capital "J"

"I have come not to abolish the law but to fulfill it." -Jesus

This is the phrase that jumped out to me in today's Gospel reading. And he continues: Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth passes away, not the smallest letter or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.

I ruminate on that phrase and why it called me. The questions that came up: What have I come to fulfill, to accomplish? What am I here for? What is my Job "until all things have taken place"?

I have a spiritual director friend, my anam cara really, who is crazy in love with her ministry of companioning those seeking spiritual fellowship. She cries with them, laughs with them. She cares for them like Jesus cared for the little children. She sees the beauty in the soul of each of her directees. She has more than 12 directees now. And she's blessed not to need to be paid, which she says makes for a cleaner and purer session. She is, as she says, is quietly joyful. And I bet that feeling comes from the fulfillment of the Job she's meant to do until all things have taken place.

For me, I get my kick when I teach yoga. Especially at the YMCA. Most die-hard yogis and yoginis look down on gym yoga. But there are yoga teachers in those gyms who teach from the heart, who teach a holistic way of movement: a movement that involves the whole being. I do. The YMCA crowd seems more like the crowd that gathered to hear the Sermon on the Mount. (No! I don't see myself as the Teacher.) Like that crowd, the Y folks are from different walks of life. All body shapes and sizes, all ages. They come in with sweats or baggy pants or whatever they wear when they go to Taco Bell. Some also come in like regular die-hard yogis in spandex and other cool yoga gear. But they are there to soak it all in, at least in my classes. And I love them to death, as my anam cara, like they are my children.

This is part of my Job to fulfill with all my heart, with my whole being. This is how I am able to bring them the good news that they are loved and that they are lovable beings no matter what anyone says. My book fulfills this Job too. It's becoming clearer that my ministry is to help others bring the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul together, as one, to praise, give thanks, and rejoice always in Him, with Him and through Him.

What is yours to fulfill until all things have taken place? What do you need to do what you love, what your heart calls you to do?

Oremus/Let us pray:

Sitting or standing, hands together on your heart, knowing you are on holy ground:
May I think, say, and do your will, O God-

Inhale and lift your chest, arms down:
Through Christ-

Arms to a "T" as you exhale:
With Christ-

Inhale, arms stretched upward:
In Christ-

Exhale and bring hands flat to your chest and bow:
In the unity of the Spirit of Love-

Inhale and spread your arms wide:
All glory and honor is yours Almighty God-

Exhale and bring palms together to your heart and bow the head:
Forever and ever. 




I don't have a report on what my job is for the day or for life. I do have a thank you for the sitting at my desk, sitting at my computer prayer. Amen

Roy said...

Amen, Sunrise Sister.