The daffodil said Namaste.

The divine in me
Bows to the divine in you.
- common definition of Namaste

As I walked today, I saw flowers springing up, waking up, thirsty for light after a long darkness. Daffodils aren't usually out yet, but on this particular sidewalk, there it is: one lone daffodil, with its head bowing almost touching the concrete, at the end of its blooming days.

Somehow I saw this daffodil bowing and saying "Namaste." And I said "Namaste" back with a short pause and a bow. I smiled as I walked on.

In my meditation class, we practice a short slow walking meditation. At the end of the walk and we reach our places, we stop and bring hands to prayer pose, bow deeply to each other as we say "Namaste." This is to remind each of us that the divine dwells in each of us. Reminded of that, how can I hate and fear you, and wish and do and say hurtful things to you. 

Here's Ram Dass' beautiful definition of Namaste -

"I honor the place in you 
in which the entire Universe dwells.  
I honor the place in you 
which is of love, 
of light, 
of truth 
and of peace.  
When you are in that place in you, 
and I am in that place in me, 
We are One."




Hi Roy, Catching up on your site after a few days from reading - I found this lovely little NAMASTE piece. It will make me look at my little daffodils differently - I just thought they were bending over because my Westie had tromped on them:)

Not kidding now, those little bent yellow heads will remind me of the Namaste we sooooo need to give to all of creation!

Roy said...

Lots and lots of daffodils are doing mountain pose right now. Little suns shining on our pathway, guiding our feet. Namaste, Sunrise Sister!