For All We Know

For all we know we may never meet again
Before you go make this moment sweet again
We wont say good night until the last minute
I'll hold out my hand and my heart will be in it

For all we know this may only be a dream
We come and go like a ripple on a stream
So love me tonight; tomorrow was made for some
Tomorrow may never come for all we know
(artist: nat king cole; words by sam m. lewis; music by j. fred coots)

It was a rich day today. So many gifts, so many blessings. I went to look at eyeglass frames and Nancy who waited on me mentioned that she reads poetry. I asked, your poetry? She said yes proudly. As we were looking at frames, she asked me if I would like to hear one. Of course I said yes. Nancy has great big eyes, an expressive face and an expressive way of talking. She wears quirky accessories on her hair. Great large bead necklace. But like a beautifully composed poem, they looked perfect on her.

So she recited her poem. Imagery-filled, and with her calculated pauses, I 'saw' in my mind's 'screen' the movie of her poem. About 2 lovers escaping to the woods and discovering themselves as they explore the forest. She used common words, but she used those words like a great chef would cook a gourmet meal with whatever is in the refrigerator. In short, it was a treat listening to her poem. 

On my way to teaching my yoga class, I was listening to Donny Hathaway and this song, For All We Know, came on. Wow. We may never meet again. Tomorrow may never come for all we know. Yes. My lectio practice kicked in again. What are you telling me, my God? How do I listen to these words? What is your invitation?

So after the yoga class, I shared my experience with this song. And as one they all said, stop talking nonsense, Roy. I shared the invitation within the song: that we don't know what happens next. Nothing stays the same. This too shall pass. 

Therefore, be fully, totally, utterly, completely here now. Be rooted in goodness, kindness, and truth. Be truly present to what I am attending to. Be truly open for anything, and have the ears of the heart ready to receive God's voice. For tomorrow may never come. For all we know.

How about you: What is your relationship with the idea of death? Are you ready to let go and be with God? What needs to die in you, right now, to experience the kingdom of heaven within?

(from PSALM 90:12)
O Lord, our God,
Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.


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