What makes your material important, different, controversial, or stimulating for a non-specialist audience?

  • This prayer book offers the only prayer practice focused on moving, reflecting, and living our prayers based on the Psalms, the most embodied text in our Holy Scriptures.
    For traditional Christian worshippers, the movements suggested in this prayer book might be a little bit controversial if they are uncomfortable with the idea of including some yoga postures with Christian prayer.
  • Doing the poses in this book has the potential to affect the health of the physical being. The movements stretch and strengthen muscles and joints, promote balance and flexibility in both the body and the mind, and help improve the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems. It brings awareness to the body, not just in relation to prayer, but in relation to physical stewardship.
  • “The various prayer components are arranged in a repeated pattern, like good ritual: opening invocation, psalm prayer, silent reflection, praying with the body, heart, and soul, sitting with the Divine Presence, living your prayer, contemporary psalm, closing prayer.” (Foreword)
  • This is a prayer book that contains the four basic ways of praying—oral, mental, affective, and contemplative. (adapted from the Foreword)