Excuse me while I kiss the sky...

When we arrived from work, Annie and I took a short walk. I whistled with the birds, imagining that I am communicating with them. They seemed to answer to my whistling. I saw yellow and white wildflowers starting to close as they prepare for the night. And I put my nose to a fragrant clump of flowers by the sidewalk. God is all around! Ahhh. The truckload of dung was cleaned up tonight. I hear laughter now. And clarity and understanding and peace fill our hearts. The soul is floating like a hot air balloon on a late Sunday summer afternoon. Excuse me while I kiss the sky...

The picture above was drawn by St Placid Sister Dorothy's granddaughter. The drawing captures the high associated with the prayer of consolation. One of the movements of lectio is resting in God. Look at that image. Feel that child's total surrender and trust in that loving God. Feel that longing in your heart to be with the One who loves you madly. What will top that? Not Warren Buffet's billions!

How about you? What is your bliss? When are you most happy? What activity takes you to that space where you and the Divine are blissfully one?

Oremus/Let us pray:
Sit quietly and as you breathe in, 
spread your arms and fingers as wide as you can. 
Feel the heart open, 
like a daffodil inhaling the sun... and say a few times:

He led me to open spaces -
He was my deliverance,
my redeemer.

Amen. Alleluia.

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