Book signing at the Priory

In your book were written
all the days that were formed for me,
when none of them as yet existed. 
-Psalm 139

Tomorrow, at 12-1pm, I will be signing my books at St Placid Priory. Do you know how weird it is to say "my book"? Me? A published author? An English-as-a-Second-Language guy, types 12 words a minute, and a big-picture guy who shrinks from details and who'd rather delegate finishing the job to someone else? But yes, I did it. With God. In God. Through God.

As I told my wife today when we were at the Tulip Festival in Skagit County, I didn't ask for this. Like that truckload of dung that was delivered on my doorstep this week, this book was dropped onto my lap without me asking for it. Okay. Maybe I asked for it with a small shy voice. But I believe this is supposed to happen, at this time. And for what reason? I'll let time answer that for me. 

What's more important is to follow through, to finish this job myself. I think that my ministry, through this book, is to show folks that it is possible to pray, i.e., to be with God, always, in all ways.

How about you? What do you feel is your ministry on earth? What are you called to do to glorify God?

I offer this meditation for you:

Sitting quietly, begin to be aware of your inhale and exhale. Keeping your back straight, your shoulders relaxed, lift up your heart, and feel the chest expand on your inhales and your belly compress on your exhales. Feel the Divine Presence around you. Where do you feel the Divine is right now? In front of you? Behind? To your right, or left? Or deep inside you? Doesn't matter if you can't tell for sure. As long as you believe the Divine is here with you, right now.

Now, come back to your breath, and on your inhales, say inwardly, "Not my will..." and on your exhales, say "but Thy Will Be Done." Do this as many times as you want. Then for a few moments, simply sit in silence with the Divine Presence.

Close with a short prayer of thanks.

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