Be balanced or get balanced

-Carl Jung

Yes, indeed. Jung is dead on. Today was my first book release party at St Placid Priory. The nuns, my Sisters, set up the signing table with flowers and a bunch of balloons. Before the 11 am Mass, Sister Monika announced that there's a 'celebrity' in the congregation and will sign books after Mass. She asked me to wave. It was a joyful moment.

Oblate friends, some of the Sisters, and a few attendees from past workshops, purchased books and asked me to sign them. I generally wrote: "May all your days be filled with prayers, rejoicing, and thanksgiving always and in all ways." Because that is the main message of my book. That it is possible to pray, rejoice, and give thanks always.

Of course this 'happiness' is balanced by the 'truckload of dung' mentioned in my post 'The Guest House Stinks!' Ah. God always brings you down to earth, teaching us humility. Reminding us Who is in control.

How about you? How do you strive to live a balanced life? How is your exterior life in relation with your interior life?

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The image captivating, the Jung quote, so true! Inside/outside in a nice easy rhythm lately - the sunshine helps so much after such a long winter and late-coming spring. The exercise of yesterday - "not my will....but they will be done" VERY nice. Thank you.