Living your prayer

"If the sun refused to shine,
I'd still be loving you.
If mountains crumble to the sea,
there will still be you and me."
-Led Zeppelin

The news are filled with words and reports and images from the Haiti earthquake. After seeing and hearing the news, the question for me  was “What now?”  This took me online and to a UNICEF donation. And texting HAITI to 90999 for an automatic $10 donation.
     They have no water, power, communication. They are shut down. Roads are impassable. But I see images of people helping each other, making do with what they have at the moment… “If the mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me.”
     We can’t control what Mother Earth (or other people) will do next. To be ready, maybe once in a while…
·         we could assess our surroundings, our attitudes, our choices before looking at others
·         we could ask ourselves ‘what could the consequence be of my words, this action, this decision?’
·         instead of pointing fingers, we could ask ‘how can I be more loving?’
·         when we think we can’t help, we can stay out of the way of those who are helping
·         we can practice being calm and patient so when disaster (whether caused by nature or man's actions) visits, we can be welcoming and make clearheaded decisions, based not on fear, but on the spirit of creating a safe and healthy environment for ourselves and others.

If you are thinking of helping Haiti, please be aware of scams and give only to organizations you already know is legit. This Google page is a start.
     May all that breathes in Haiti, and on the planet, help each other be safe, be free from pain and suffering, be healthy, and be happy.

Happy are those
who consider the poor;
The Lord delivers them
in the day of trouble.
-Psalm 41

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Rebecca Johnson said...

A few days ago Country Parson pointed out that after we send our donation and as we continue to pray, one of the way that we "help" is that we actually look around us right where we are and help there. Your post echoes this. I'm so grateful for the ones who can go to Haiti and will keep them in my prayers.

Thanks for you heart, Roy.