"I went to the end of a road
and took a left or a right,
just to see what I'd see."
-Matthew Altenbach

     The author above is a photographer looking for an image. But I thought the quote is appropriate for today's liturgical feast of Epiphany.
     Epiphany is defined as the manifestation or revelation of what is divine, of what is sacred. "To see what I'd see..." I don't know what will be presented to me, to my senses as I turn around the next moment. To know what's coming, to expect something concrete, could make me ignore what is being revealed to me.
     My sitting meditations usually come to this: resting in God. When I am able to get out of the way, this sacred space consumes me, tears flow. I don't question it. I don't analyze it. I just let it flow as the warmth of the tears trickle down to my chin and drip into my folded hands.
     So in my day to day movements, I am invited to keep an open heart, an open mind. Not holding on to anything, not pushing anything away. Then perhaps, like the magi, I will see and be guided by the Divine Star shining and pointing to the Christ within my heart, within everyone's heart.
     Me, a magi, looking for the Messiah to worship, to adore, and to offer myself as gift. Won't that be an Epiphany?

How about you? How is your way of living a preparation, a readiness for the manifestation of the sacred in every aspect of your life?

Where shall I go to escape your spirit?
Where shall I flee from your presence?
If I scale the heavens you are there,
if I lie flat in Sheol, there you are.
If I speed away on the wings of the dawn,
 if I dwell beyond the ocean,
even there your hand will be guiding me,
your right hand holding me fast.
I will say, 'Let the darkness cover me,
and the night wrap itself around me,'
even darkness to you is not dark,
and night is as clear as the day.

-Psalm 139


Rebecca Johnson said...

Blessed epiphanies! I really like the picture. One of yours?


Roy said...

You're back! I knew you were away because there was no "whatever...". Yes. That photo is one of mine on one of those days I purposely and intently hunt for the divine while walking.