Loving, Loved, and Lovable

I just finished teaching a yoga class tonight to benefit Hopelink. I had three beautiful  ladies in class. There was Shelly, a long-time acquaintance, who needed an energetic practice. Her friend Lacey accompanied her. Her neck and shoulders were tight. Her chest filled with tension due to 'overwhelming' personal issues. Lacey needed grounding, to get herself together because she was feeling so out of sorts, so emotional right now. And there was Kate. Also needing a more relaxing practice, and a good lower body stretch due to a long run yesterday.

According to their needs, I asked them to focus on inhale for energy, and to focus on exhale for grounding and relaxation. Together, we flowed from one pose to another gently and slowly. I guided them and reminded them to slow down, to feel the movement, to stay in their body. We focused on poses that open the heart. These poses both brings energy to Shelly, and opens and softens Lacey's constricted chest cavity. As we did the poses, I said words like, 'Here I am' as we spread our arms.

For relaxation, we arranged bolsters and blankets for restorative poses. Basically, they lie down on a bolster along the spine. This opens the heart, and creates space for the lungs to expand. They had bolsters under their knees, and eyebags to relax the eyes. Then I put a blanket on them. I guided them to relax specific body parts while focusing on the exhale. For visualization, I 'took' them to the mountaintop, and helped them imagine the moon entering the heart and radiating its soft light throughout the body bringing relaxation and healing where needed. 

Then we formed a tight circle for sitting meditation, and imagined ribbons of light coming from our hearts connecting with all hearts on the planet. And we sent love, peace, and joy to all beings.

After the sound of the bowl, and 'Namaste' (the Divine in me bows to the Divine in you), we shared. Everyone's needs were met. They all had that after-yoga glow, that peaceful smile, that child-like softness on their faces. 

For an hour and a half, Shelly, Lacey, and Kate, were in their body, with their breath, observing and noticing their interior goings-on without judging, without blaming, without analysis. And for an hour and a half, they were who they were meant to be: loving, loved, and lovable.

This is what prayer can bring us. When the intention for all we do is to be with God, all that we do is prayer. Our intention shapes our course, our journey. No matter the duration or type of journey it is, be it buying a latte or becoming a saint, our intention, with God's grace, will determine the quality and the result of that journey.

At one time, I told the three beautiful souls in my class, Peace is possible, but it has to be chosen. Peace has to be the intention if it's peace we want.

May all our thoughts, speech, and actions,
Praise the Lord.

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Nice post Roy. The images are nice. I discovered the use of blankets in final resting position at a few classes I attended in New York while visiting my daughter in December. The blankets (it was in a cold winter month) were just heavenly for that final relaxation. Glad to hear of the use of them here.