Learn to Pray with the Body

The book, Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life, is already listed at amazon.com. It is available for pre-order and is scheduled to come out in March 2009. Sold separately, there will be a DVD version with the same title.

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The following is the proposed back cover copy:

Pray with more than mind and spirit—learn to pray with your body as well

In this innovative prayer book, you are invited to move in prayer by expressing the Psalms with motion. This way of praying helps broaden and deepen your relationship with God and all of creation. Through it, you will experience the presence of the Divine more completely, and it will help you to better embody God’s love in your daily life.

In Praying with the Body you will find both prayer tools and companionship. Black and white drawings showing the postures and expressions of the body, accompany the Scripture texts and explanations by Roy DeLeon. Working together, these elements invite you to explore and discover a new and different way of being with God.

This book is for anyone who wants a more integrated and holistic approach to prayer. It proposes a way of prayer that will influence both your interior and daily life. Its meditations and reflections will address your deepest needs to be with the Beloved, and reassure you of the divine presence in your midst.

“The four basic ways of praying–oral, mental, affective, and contemplative—are all contained here.” — from the book's foreword by Father Tom Ryan, author of Prayer of Heart and Body

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