Being in Love

Monica, a young co-worker, shared with me her story of how she found joy, Jarvis. She's so taken by him. His charm, his intellect, his depth, his authenticity, his honesty. She says when he said "us," she almost melted. He lives his beliefs. He walks his talk. He's real.

I asked her: how sure are you that he is for real, that he is not pulling your leg? She says she's not blinded by her feelings and emotions. She can think clearly and analytically about this relationship. She practices discernment.

I ask her what qualities they share, and where they part ways. They share honesty, a love of learning, a passion for service. And in situations where her anger surfaces, he is calm, and open.

They enjoy deep, meaningful conversations that can last for 2, 3 hours. And I mentioned that this is like being in deep prayer or meditation. Being in the Divine Presence. Being in Love.

How about you? When did you last feel 'being in Love?' When did you last feel deeply understood, totally accepted as you are, and so utterly empowered and protected?

Eat, friends, drink...
and be drunk with love!

-Song of Solomon 5

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